Friday, November 30, 2012

Announcement: A Merger

                Hello everyone :-)

Some of you may know from visiting the top tabs, but I have two other blogs that I post in. One is recipes and the other is where I write faith inspirations and just things that are happening. 
Well...its been on my mind and I took a tiny poll so....I've decided to merge these into one amazing blog!!!! 
This way I'll be able to keep better track of my lovely reader friends :-) and you all can get to know me better not just see me post outfits. Some of you are subscribed to both, but if you are not I ask that you go here and join there, I'll post my outfits there now. 

I think this will making my blog and just blogging better for myself and you all, :-), hope you come along, thanks so much for your support and comments so far!!!!!!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Floral blazer!

My outfit for church

Today's message: Pslams 8:3-9 What is man that God would even think of us? He has stubborn love that will not let us go! He's AWESOME

Also what ever material things (clothes, cars, houses, electronics) we have here will not go with us when we die. Make sure your soul is secure.

Photos by Jhaneal (my sister)

Floral Blazer: $12 from Mandees
White cami: Marshall's about $4
Blue pencil skirt: Target $19.99
Nude pumps: About $25 from Barefeet

I loved this ooutift, especially this blazer. It's super comfortable and cute.
My button says Salyte, Salt and light put together freom Matthew 5:14-16

Salyte <--- Check it out!!!

I was really on the phone, Lol

Be Blessed Eveyone!
You're Wonderfully made!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Silk and Spotted silver


Hope all is well!
Here my outfit for church on Sunday :-)

Guard your hearts, Proverbs 4:23

Photos by Robert

Top: black semi-sheer with lace detail in the back: 579 store in mall, $18.99 (Bogo)
Inside cami: white: Marshall's, $4
Bottom:Silver and black leopard print: Marshall's, $19.99 

As I said before I must feel comfy in what I wear. This was a nice outfit and still comfortable. The top is semi-cheer, but not too sheer, so it was still modest. I got a lot of compliments on this one.

Have a great day everyone!

How do you feel about this outfit? Do you all have any cheetah/leopard print anything? it seems like everyone does.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Just a little bit Peplum!

 Hey, eveyone!

My outfit for the first night of Our youth conference.

Here is a word from the message I heard last night. "Anything we place before God is an idol. Fashion can be an idol! It is great to look nice, but we have to be careful that we are not allowing fashion to become an addiction. God comes first, always!!
Isaiah 2:8-12


 Top: Gift, from Wetseal
Belt: Thrifted from Good will, $5
Skirt: Target: $20
Shoes: Guess pumps from Marshall's $29.99

When I put the belt on this, it made it somewhat of a Peplum top, I liked it.

I need to get a better quality camera that can upload fast because these pictures are not clear enough for me.
Any suggestions? Any that are affordable?

Be Blessed!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fruitless without Christ

 Heyy!!! Hope all is well!

This is the outfit I wore to school today.

It was just a simple outfit for school.
My shirt says, "Fruitless without Christ"
Wearing clothes like these provides a way to witness silently and also verbally when people ask about my shirt and I'm proud to wear it. People today are so bold in showing what they believe and stand for, Christians should not be afraid to proclaim their beliefs in their clothing either.

Roman 1:16

Photo by Sasha

Top: lose fitting Christian top from
Bottom: black denim skirt from Ross $12
Shoes: Cheetah print flats from Target $14.99


 I was having a good time, lol :-)

Do not be ashamed to represent Christ explicitly in what you wear!!!
Be blessed everyone!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweet Almond oil

From Google images


So I've been on journey just to healthy specifically with my hair and skin. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I've heard a lot about sweet almond oil.

Well, I finally got some a few weeks ago. It can be used for hair as well as skin.

From Google images

Here are some benefits:

-Nourishes hair and smooths the hair cuticles
-Makes hair strong, long, and thick
-Adds shine to dull hair
-is an excellent carrier oil, it can be mixed with other oils such as neem oil or tea tree and massaged into scalp whenever suffering from dandruff.
-Can be used to prevent/reduce hair shedding/fall if applied daily
-Can be used as a massaging scalp oil for blood circulation
Can be used to prevent split ends, apply a little to finger tips and cover ends of hair or from root to tip.

It is best to buy an organic version of sweet almond oil. If its bot certified organic it will have other complements mixed in that are not as healthy.

I bought my sweet almond like from Wal Mart for under $3.
 It smells Sooo good!!!!!!'

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Plato's closet experience and Goodwill buy!

Photo taken by Chantal

Ok so I've been hearing about Plato's closet from tv and different people and I've been wanting to go. Today I got the chance to go so I'll  tell you about my experience. Ok, it seemed like a "high class" thrift store I guess, lol. 
For me I wasn't convinced to go again. The things they had in my opinion were too expensive, I could get the same brand new for just a few more dollars. I would definitely sell to them though, I saw items in there that my sister and have. I know people who love this place though and find very nice things. I'll probably give it another try, but that was my experience today. 

Good experience:
On the away to work for school I decided to stop by one of the Good will stores :-)
I saw two skirts I really liked, but chose one and I'm happy with it. It's long, flowy and just very comfortable and I like the pattern. 
I plan to wear it high waisted with a belt and a close fitting colored top. I'll definitely show you all that outfit when I put in together, but here is the skirt. 

Photo taken by Chantal
Price: $7.49

Monday, October 29, 2012

Patterned Blazer!

Hey everyone, 

This is what I wore to church this past Sunday. 
I got compliments for my blazer of course, lol
Blazer: Charlotte Russe, on sale for $20!!!!!!!
Inside cami: Marshall's, about $5
Skirt: gift, from Express

I felt elegant and very covered which I like. I wasn't uncomfortable at all in this outfit. Next time I'll try some different colors with this blazer because it seems very versatile. 

Close up of blazer
Obviously the highlight of the outfit is this blazer. I loved the pattern. It was a change from the normal blazer and I love unique things!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Retro stripes

Ok this is something else on my wish list.
It's simple, but like I said I LOVE PATTERNS!!!
I would definitely have to get a cardigan to out over it.
With dresses from F21 they have to be a certain # of  inches in order to be an appropriate length. For me it has to be at least 35" from shoulder to hem. This one is 37" so it's perfect.

$26.90 at F21

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bantu knot hair do

Since I'm not really using heat in my hair these days I have to find other ways to make my hair cute.. One of go to styles is Bantu knots. I just simply divide my hair into sections then twist and twirl my hair and secure with a bobby pin if necessary.

Products: extra virgin coconut oil
Africa's best natural oil moisture
Cantu Shea butter leave-in repair cream. 

Massage in cantu and seal with one of those oils and then twist and twirl :-)
I sleep with this covered over night,


These are the results!!!  Lots of curls, that last!!! I sectioned off a front peace and made a poof. 


Side View

OOTD for church

Photo by: Jhaneal

This is what I wore to church today.
Chiffon top with laced detail on the back: 579 store in the mall, $18.99 and it was buy one get one free so I also got an all black one.
Black skirt: Gift
Black guess pumps: Marshall's
Black Clutch: Gift

This was super comfy, I love the top because its loose And it's really hot right now in the Miami area.
This is modest yet very nice.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chill Outfit Of The Day

Simple outfit I wore today to go hang out.
Black top: forever21
Patterned skirt: Marshall's: $14.99

I really love clothing with patterns especially if its a unique or tribal pattern. I Absolutely love them. This skirt kind of resembles cheetah print, but it's not.
The top I like because its extremely comfortable and loose. I'm not really into tights blouses these days. The sequined pocket gives it an extra pizzazz!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Protective up-do :-)

Ok, this is a super cute up-do I did for church. I'm really protecting my hair right now. I sectioned off the front section and Bantu knot it.
Then used Eco styler gel to slick the sides down and did somewhat of a French twist in the back (my version, lol).
I took out the Bantu knots and pinned it back, leaving a hump, then covered the top of the "French twist" with curls that were left hanging. I then accessories it with some flower clips from the one and only Forever21, they are so cheap: $1.50 for two.

This was super cute and was even cuter the first day because the curls were fresh and zoo shiny and bouncy!!!

Wedge Boots fantasy!

These wedged boots are from
I solo want these shoes. It doesn't get too cold here in Florida, but I could really dress these shoes up even though I only wear skirts and dresses!!!!
I want these!!!!!

OOTD for Church

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday.
White blazer: forever21 about $27
Olive green Inside cami: forever21 less than $5
Pattern skirt: New York and company $15 on sale 
Shoes: leather Guess pumps from Marshall's $29.99

I love to be comfortable in whatever I wear, especially at church so I am free to worship. This was a simple yet cute outfit :-)