Saturday, November 3, 2012

Plato's closet experience and Goodwill buy!

Photo taken by Chantal

Ok so I've been hearing about Plato's closet from tv and different people and I've been wanting to go. Today I got the chance to go so I'll  tell you about my experience. Ok, it seemed like a "high class" thrift store I guess, lol. 
For me I wasn't convinced to go again. The things they had in my opinion were too expensive, I could get the same brand new for just a few more dollars. I would definitely sell to them though, I saw items in there that my sister and have. I know people who love this place though and find very nice things. I'll probably give it another try, but that was my experience today. 

Good experience:
On the away to work for school I decided to stop by one of the Good will stores :-)
I saw two skirts I really liked, but chose one and I'm happy with it. It's long, flowy and just very comfortable and I like the pattern. 
I plan to wear it high waisted with a belt and a close fitting colored top. I'll definitely show you all that outfit when I put in together, but here is the skirt. 

Photo taken by Chantal
Price: $7.49


  1. Huh, that's weird-I've had good experience with them! Some of the items can be a bit overpriced, but so can thrift stores. I found many skirts at Plato's for under $6, maybe it varies from state to state?
    Anyway, cute skirt!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Yea, I know people who love them, I'm definitely going to give them another try. Thanks for joining!