Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweet Almond oil

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So I've been on journey just to healthy specifically with my hair and skin. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I've heard a lot about sweet almond oil.

Well, I finally got some a few weeks ago. It can be used for hair as well as skin.

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Here are some benefits:

-Nourishes hair and smooths the hair cuticles
-Makes hair strong, long, and thick
-Adds shine to dull hair
-is an excellent carrier oil, it can be mixed with other oils such as neem oil or tea tree and massaged into scalp whenever suffering from dandruff.
-Can be used to prevent/reduce hair shedding/fall if applied daily
-Can be used as a massaging scalp oil for blood circulation
Can be used to prevent split ends, apply a little to finger tips and cover ends of hair or from root to tip.

It is best to buy an organic version of sweet almond oil. If its bot certified organic it will have other complements mixed in that are not as healthy.

I bought my sweet almond like from Wal Mart for under $3.
 It smells Sooo good!!!!!!'

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